Why We Celebrate Flag Day?

The Americans got independence from the Britain in the final quarter of 18th century a year later and tailored their flag by introducing “stars and stripes” in the flag, hence an adaptation of the former British flag that resembled in the color scheme but with a different pattern altogether. Early flags in the American colonies reflected the Old World origin of the colonists. In all the British colonies many versions of the flag had been in vogue that were predominantly the modifications of the British Union Jack.

Bernard Cigrand, a Wisconsin teacher, is said to have pioneered to introduce first annual celebration of the US flag along with a group of his students at Stony Hill. However, his persistent advocacy of the importance of the celebration paved the way to convince the authorities in the coming years to enact 14th June as the National Flag Day proper in 1949 during the regime of president, Henry Truman.

Flag Day Why We Celebrate Flag Day?

One of the historical titles associated with the American flag is “Old Glory”. The presence of “stars and stripes” in the flag signify the American ideals of liberty, freedom and economical opportunities for the poor all over the world, as framed in the American constitution. It is depicted as a ray of hope and safety for the downtrodden without any distinction of color and creed. Today, the stripes in the American flag symbolize 13 colonies considered to have constituted United States of America. While fifty stars are allusion to 50 states of the democratic union. The color scheme, viz. red, blue and white reflects the following themes:

  • White: for purity and innocence;
  • Red: for hardiness and valor;
  • Blue: for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

According to George Washington who is said to have remarked that the stars in the American flag symbolize “stars in the heaven”. However, red color represents the motherland. The partition of red with white reflects that the Americans have been separated from their mother country. The pattern is probably a reference to the event of the discovery of new world as the separatists left England. White color, without any doubt, is the token of prosperity and the thematic liberty.

In 1916, president Woodrow Wilson announced the first nationwide Flag Day. Flag Day is informally observed throughout the United States, but it’s official holiday in Pennsylvania only. All Americans unanimously display their reverence for their flag and country by celebrating this day in their individual capacity. Flag of a nation represents integrity, unity and sovereignty, national traits acquired after years of systematic and coordinated endeavors rooted in centuries long instruction. The flag had been a leading symbol in all the campaigns and ventures Americans went through over the course of history toward acquiring their proud placement among the comity of nations. A great numerical fraction of the nation laid its lives for the safeguard and security of their country under the shade of this flag that posterity shall never forget. It was the outcome of those history-making years that today American flag proudly stands at the surface of the moon, which is indeed an international distinction.

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