Why People Need Government?

An administrative group of people in charge of a community: a state, town or city, may be termed as a governmental body. The function of this governing body is to enact rules and regulations that after years of implementation take the form of laws and eventually affecting and shaping a full-fledged constitution that is the microcosmic representation of the culture of a nation. By tradition or by convention, it is binding / obligatory on each and every sane individual of a given society lying under the de facto jurisdiction of the said governmental body to lead his or her life within the margin defined by those laws and regulations; even a foreigner should extend a thorough regard for the law of the land.

Government Why People Need Government?

Think for a while a state running without a popular regime in the throne. The masses in such a state would be free to perpetrate as they liked — any harm to the innocent or the poor will be meant nothing to them. Rate of crime will soar in such an unbridled society. Such an imaginative land will be full of anarchy and political strife — highly susceptible to be usurped by any foreign power with a stable form of government.

The debate does not end here; without an effective administration one cannot conceive of running a school even; how come one would venture through the idea of leading a multitude of a nation, with diverging interests and inclinations, and that, too, without there being runners of good governance! The presence of a popular form of government, no doubt, imparts a nation unity and guarantees prosperity by ruling out judicious decisions.

When there is a situation a responsible government will always come forward to unite the nation under one banner, by bringing stability to different institutions, and regulating and legislating different laws that would promote positive economic indicators, etc. Good governance is an ART and it is effectively exercised when the governing body is a true representative of the culture in which it’s gonna dispense its rule …

According to regional and cultural setting, different forms of governments are operating in different regions of the world, such as, democratic, monarchical, despotic, republican, etc.

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