Why My Computer Takes So Long To Start?

The PC will never give any problems in starting up when it is new. The usual starting time normally takes seconds unless it is an old computer model. Computers usually start to slow down after about nearly a year of purchase.

This issue certainly does not come up for any reason. For beginners, one should ask himself what software and program was installed in the PC.

slowcomputer Why My Computer Takes So Long To Start?

How to avoid slow start up

It should be kept in mind that some programs allow to shut down application in the options box. Options or Preferences can be found when the user clicks a program’s tools or file menu. But to save oneself from the inconvenience, following are needed:

1. Keep a back up

It is good to keep a backup system of every program which has to be deleted from the PC because it might be needed someday. Some of these programs are part of the computer’s startup process.

2. Delete files that are no longer needed

Delete the trash, temp files and others.  The files can be selected from the drives that are to be deleted.

3. Scan for viruses and Spyware

Computer should be scanned regularly with anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares.

4. Unload the Startup folder

The computer starts to slow if the Start Up folder is clogged with programs.

As some of these programs might be needed in the future but the current issue to increase the speed is by deleting unnecessary programs.

The user will obviously notice increasing changes in the system. If you think it’s time to upgrade your PC, you can check sites like 0rgb.com for reviews on computer parts.

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