Why Is My Device Manager Empty

If you have a computer then you must be very well aware of k a kind of program which is used for taking account of devices attached to a PC. Yeah, we are really talking about Device Manager which has the basic task of keeping information and controlling functions of all devices (attached to your computer). Now, what kind of benefits you may acquire from this program and how much efficient it is for you to maintain your computer well: you can get all your doubts cleared through St. Louis IT Support. And we can say it helps you check functionality of your computer hardware and then find out if they are offering any type of problem. So, device manager is an important program which takes care of all devices/ hardware attached to your PC. Let us get some more valuable aspects regarding this program in the following section.

Device Manager Empty Why Is My Device Manager Empty

Why it may happen?

In some cases, you can find your device manager completely empty. There may be some issues for this matter. Due to these problems, this computer applet may not work as it should do. Usually they are two kinds of reasons behind this problem. It can be because of Windows service which is disabled. And it may also happen due to registry permissions as well. These registry permissions are certainly very important for the device manager to work in a proper mechanism as it does in normal conditions. Now, question is that can you do away with these issues in the functionality of your device manager? May these problems be solved to get maximum and required efficiency from the device manager? Well, you will be pleased to know that these problems can be solved very easily if you make use of a few simple and effective tips which certainly focus on how to deal with such issues with a device manager. Let us know about these tips here in the next section:

Instructions for Enabling the Windows Service!

If you want your device manager working accurately in the required manner then you have to check it whether the Plug and Play service in the Device Manager working properly or not. In case, if you find it disabled then you have to enable it so that device manager may work as it should do. For this course, click on Start button and go to Control Panel and after that, double click on Administrative Tools. Choose Services and now catch the Plug and Play icon. Then open the service and check the Start Up type. Set the Start Up type to Automatic option. If you see that this service is not running, then click Start. Now get back to the Device Manager and see if you can find of hardware there. Now, if still Control Panel applet is empty, then you have another option for doing this. Click on Start and go to the Run option. Type MSCONFIG and then select the Services option. Select the option ‘Enable all’. Now, close this window and restart your computer. Now, check out your device manager, hopefully it will be working now!

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