Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Mostly all of computer and internet users have noticed several times that their computer is running slower than its normal but they are unaware of the exact reason. There are many reasons for the computer to work at a slow speed.

Background programs

Some programs may be running in the background which reduces the speed of the computer, not allowing the main program to run properly because the required memory is not available while the system is busy in running other background programs. Ctrl, alt, del should be pressed together to open the task manager and select any program to stop which is not needed.

computerslow Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Spyware and viruses

These are also the reasons that causes the computer to get slow. Basically, these are the programs that enter the computer and starts functioning to run their own program. Almost 90% of these viruses and spywares affect the computer through the internet. For excellent computer performance,  anti-virus and anti-spyware software should be installed and they should be updated regularly and the computer should be scanned almost every week. If you need the services of a custom software development specialist, click here to investigate and learn about custom software programs you or your business needs. The scanning programs gives all information about the type and number of infections and it also tells that how severe the infection is.

Unnecessary data in hard drive

If the hard drive does not have enough free space and there is not at least of 300 MB empty space in the hard drive, then the computer will run slow. There is only one way to get out of this problem by removing the unnecessary data from the computer.

Fragmented files

The computer hard drive can have a lot of fragmented files. This means that whenever a file is saved, it goes into the continuous free sectors of the drive but when it is again opened and changes are made, then it is saved to some other place where the free sectors are available. This is the cause of file fragmentation and the computer takes time to find all the parts of file whenever it is opened. The hard disk should be defragged after three weeks.

Sufficient memory

The computer must have sufficient memory computer depending on the type of work that has to be done on the PC. Otherwise the computer will become slow and will freeze many times

Install/Uninstall software

A computer uses registry that looks over or tracks almost everything like your computer’s setup, custom changes, installed applications, internet settings and much more. The computer registry is modified with ever program that is installed in the computer. Some softwares are not written properly or they may contain extra things that are mostly not required. All if this causes extra stress on the computer and finally the size of the registry will grow causing the computer to run slow. While uninstalling the software, some parts are left behind which makes the computer slow.

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