Why Is It Bad to Wear White after Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated all over the world to thank and appreciate man power and diligence. The day is usually eminent to be celebrated in the first week of May however; still different countries have different days for the same day to commemorate. For instance, the same day is celebrated in the month of September in the United States. There are many other interesting concerns about Labor Day. To catch all these facts let us carry on towards the following piece of writing. It will also narrate why it is taken as bad to wear white after Labor Day

Why People Consider It Bad to Wear White after Labor Day

White color is usually considered as a cool color. One of the simplest answers to the question is that white color helps you avoid heat and warmth in summers and les you do your work efficiently.

Labor Day Why Is It Bad to Wear White after Labor Day

In the earlier era, some colors were allowed to be used to only rich or wealthy families. And no one other may choose those colors for himself. For instance, in the beginning only regal were allowed to wear purple color and no one else could ever use the same color for his clothing. At the same time, one another answer to the question can be regarding people own preferences. Some people stay away from white color on particular occasions which are related to norms and customs. At the same time, in the age between last month’s 19th century and early instants of the 20th century, the color was taken as symbol of status for middle class people. In addition to this, a few people think that white color offers safety from cold weather circumstances as well.

Additional Interesting facts about Labor Day

If you keep an eye on historical accounts you will come to know that this day was begun to be celebrated with eight-hour day movement. This movement said that there should be eight-hour rest, eight-hour pastime and eight-hour work schedule for every labor who is putting his efforts in his work all the day. As said above, United State regard this day in the first Monday of the month of September. On the other hand, in Turkey people and government regard the same day as their annual celebration Labour and Solidarity. At the same time, in Philippines people get out of their homes at this day and spend the whole day while making protests and objections against labor overwork activities and for their rights.

In Malta, Labor Day is esteemed well because Malta Labour Party and General Workers Union are very well interested in this day. In Jamaica, people celebrate this day for admiring the efforts and hard work by their labors. And they emphasize on development lives of labors while giving them independence to work as well as taking rests in leisure hours.

At the same time, several other countries such as Canada, India, Greece, Germany and many other nations celebrate this day with regard and admiration for labors.

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