Why Is Censorship Good

People may survive f they know what is going around them…. You simply can’t take even a single step if you are not aware of its results and outcomes. Media plays a critical role to let people know what is happening at each instant and what they should do for the success and prosperity of their life. Censorship on information can be so dangerous and critical for the whole society not just people. It shows that it may really offer harms and negatives impacts on the society as well as on the way of life people survive. It means that it is very important to be aware of the role of Censorship and how it may affect its surroundings and the whole community.

Censorship Good Why Is Censorship Good

Freedom of Expression

We can easily hear a phrase around us that everyone needs Freedom of Expression? What does it mean and why do we force of freedom of expression so much? Well, if you realize then several concerns will surely open numerous benefits of freedom of expression in front of you. Freedom of expression means that you are free to express and broadcast your considerations and ideas and whatever you feel you can share it with other people as well. So, people may also know what is right and what is wrong… while Censorship is the name to block or prohibit freedom of expression. Or we can say that Censorship means that you are not free in case what you want to say and what you think of certain conditions and situations. Let us understand with more than a few examples. For instance, you found out a minister who is not taking part in political and government affairs as he should do. He is not even able to be called as a minister because he is not interest in his work but he is offering several kinds of losses not just to the people but the government itself. Now, you want to talk about him and his way of dealing matters non-seriously. Now, if you have freedom of expression then you can say whatever you want to and people may know him and several other issues which need instant solution. This is called freedom of expression and it is very important for very matter. Now, Censorship stops these kinds of freedoms and it works on bringing to an end the people’s voice and the thoughts which they have to bring out.

Suppression of New Thoughts and Inventions:

How may Censorship affect other important matters? There are still so many things which need to be talked about and which need our consideration on large levels. For instance, you took exams of different kinds and you do very well in them but eventually you got zero in the exam? Why did it happen? It may be due to some sort of wrong checking or papers or because of cheating which leads you to find your career ending. Now, it you have resources and you want to talk about this issue then you can talk about it very easily. Your problem may find its solution and it is very good. However, if Censorship is there then you are unable to spread your voice over. That is why Censorship is taken as bad!

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