Why Does My Pinky Finger Bend

There are a number of causes for a bent pinky finger, ranging from an injury in the past to a hereditary abnormality. Mostly people can only notice their pinky fingers are bent, or slightly curved the moment they align their fingers side by side and observe them.

In certain cases this bending posture is associated with the ring finger also. If you ever got your fingers crushed in a car door, or came across any other trauma before you were fully mature, this might be a probable cause of your bent pinkies. The bones when subjected to blows like this may grow at an angle resulting in the development of bent pinkies. In case you feel any pain, you should consider getting a consultation at QC Kinetix, visit https://qckinetix.com/san-antonio to learn more.

Pinky Finger Bend Why Does My Pinky Finger Bend

However, in case early hood trauma is not the cause of bent pinkies, then it is probable that the deviation has been inherited from one’s predecessors. If this is established, it will be referred to as camptodactyly, a general term used to refer to any such deformity in the fingers.

You might have seen some people with middle fingers slightly crooked, while others with bent pinkies. And if the bending condition is too severe, you may not be able to fully stretch out your pinkies.

Mechanism of Camptodactyly

There are numerous causes associated with this condition, the primary being configuration of ligaments and the contracted tendons in the finger. Although this is the most common cause, yet it is not the only cause. In certain cases, however, the muscles may grow abnormally, or the bones develop an irregular growth pattern.

How rampant is the condition:

The number of positive cases each year is not fixed. It varies both in occurrence and severity. According to a rough estimation, the percentage of affected persons each year is about one percent out of the general population. This is just an approximation. The condition may be more rampant in certainly cases.

What the little information available about the abnormality, it seems to be more prevalent in females than males. Moreover, there are children who have grown bent pinky fingers while no other family member in the lineage is known to have the defect. This shows that it is a randomly occurring condition. However, the observation has revealed that the affected parents are more likely to produce babies susceptible to contract the abnormality.


Apparently there is not any significant harm in having bent pinkies unless they are so severely bent that it renders daily tasks almost impossible. In such a situation, a surgery is the most recommended option to be performed so as to rectify the deformity. In moderate cases, however, no treatment is required; this is because it does not hurt you any more while you perform routine activities!

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