Why Does My Cat Sneeze

Cats live like human families throng. It can be evidenced by recognizing that they cry like human babies, sneaking into your bed like a little sibling. They can sneeze like an adult human being. The similarity in the perpetration of a sneeze involves poise just as in sane humans. Now there may be many causes of sneezes in cats. Remember, cats also spread virus by sneezing around just as humans do.

A usual sneeze appearance in your pet’s behavior normally on account of the dust nearby is nothing to be worried at. Sometimes a nasal secretion follows a sneeze. And if it repeats intermittently, it may be an outcome of a viral infection. Immediately consult your vet.

Cat Sneezing Why Does My Cat Sneeze

Causes of the sneeze:

Common causes of a cat’s sneeze are as under:

  • Allergens:

Like humans, cats also contract allergens found in regular air. You might have observed that the frequency of your pet’s sneezing multiplies out there in the field of grass, this happens predominantly because of the pollen sniffled. However, at a place where painting has just been carried out, the frequency of your cat’s sneezing also increases considerably because of the paint aroma suspended in the air in and around. Similarly, when a your cat happens to smell any cleaning substance such as soap or any strong smelling order it displays likely reactions, consider changing to this environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods which are also friendly to pets.

  • Virus:

Any infection caused by a group of viruses is mostly contracted by your cat while it socially liaises with its neighboring counterparts.  One of the most commonplace viral infections found in cats is calicivirus or the one caused by the herpes group of viruses. These two infections are of highly contagious sort and can flip over from one animal to another very rapidly. The most obvious symptom of a viral infection is sneeze followed by a nasal discharge.

Further aggravation may lead to the large-scale infection of your pet’s upper respiratory tract. However, chills your pet contracts are induced by bacteria your pet gets stuck from in the air. In dogs the most frequently occurring viruses are Parainfluenza and Type -2 Adenovirus.  In quite a few cases, these viruses may also attack cats.

  • Conjunctivitis:

When conjunctivitis causes a sneeze, it is always followed by fever. The occurrence of a conjunctivitis virus is common in many in-house pets. There are kinds of virulent attacks that can render your cats run high fevers.  The alarming fact is that these viruses may stay in your cat for life.  When your pet snuffles at micro organisms such as mycoplasma, it can also irritates its nose and thus makes it sneeze. Proper sneezing starts after 5 days once an infection has taken an inception.

  • Bacteria:

Breathing heavy and lots of sneezes immediately followed by nasal secretions often smell bad. All these symptoms are indicative of a full-fledged bacterial infection. If went unchecked this infection could cause a sinisterly rhinitis.

This aggravates if not attended properly at right time. Your pet cat may feel as if it has caught a common cold, the way you happen to feel if you yourself have one like that. If not tended properly Rhinitis may change into pneumonia.

You might have not been used to seeing your pet cats gnawing on grass on several occasions. But it is what is happening right there. The result is lot of sneezing. Cats are used to sniffle a blade of grass. Your cat has to then sneeze to remove grass from its nose. There are instances, when your pet may develop a lump or an abscess-like little bulging over her nostrils. In an attempt to remove the so called abscess, a cat switches to a series of sneezes taking it for granted that it will do.

As a conscientious owner of your pet cat, all you need is to keep abreast with the medical history of your pet. After it sneezes, look up if there is any nasal secretion unusual in color. However, from our experience of the past we have learnt that a nasal secretion which is colorless is not much harmful. However, you don’t need to be ignorant altogether. Otherwise, negligence… consequences you know…. You might have probably heard of a cat fur infection which is quite fatal in nature.

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