Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

It is indeed surprising to learn that alcohol despite of having no visible trace of fat in its chemical formula, brings obesity to its drinkers. During digestion alcohol decomposes into two components, fat and acetate. Fat is absorbed in the blood stream and transported to certain body parts for storage. This results in gaining wait.

The function of acetate is to provide body instant energy, hence regarded as the “body fuel”. Notice that carbohydrates, the potential source of instant energy, in addition to fat and proteins are there but acetate readily decomposes to give huge volumes of energy. This means that the existence of acetate in the body keep providing us with required energy while deposits of fat and protein remained unexhausted thereby increasing the overall weight of the body. If you are worried about loosing the drinking weight, you should try this belly fat burner.

Alcohol Fat Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

Excessive use of alcohol increases Cortisol hormone which in turn boosts muscular breakdown and impedes our body to recover after exercise. Moreover, excessive intake of alcohol curtails the production of testosterone which results in insufficient burning of body fats thereby contributing toward a weight gain.

There are 110 calories in a glass of red wine but a lay person thinks the contrary. There are some seven calories in just one gram of alcohol having no trace of any vitamins or nutrients. On the other hand, the carbohydrates and proteins contain four calories for each gram. This implies that a daily course of wine at night would deposit over 1000 extra calories in the body — a significant increase in body fat!

Alcohol ranks second among all other edible with regard to the concentration of number of calories per gram. While it is taken with other juices or soft drinks, extra calories are added to those already in it! Think over it!

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