Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

We do many kinds of things at different occasions. For instance, we eat Turkey on Thanksgiving… it is habitual but is traditional as well. Well, there must be some historical points of views about this act which we do on thanksgiving always. How can we find out such reasons which develop such types of traditions? One way is to get to the history of this feats and there are several other interesting and amazing concerns which help us know who do we eat turkey on thanksgiving?

Eat Turkey Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Let us see what Beginnings say?

In the age of 1619 till 1620, pilgrims were living in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At that time, they were suffering from severe food shortages which were critically hard to tolerate more. There were distinct grounds which led to food shortages. For instance, poor weather conditions as well as unstable food supplies acted as major reasons for the food shortages at that time. However, pilgrims had to do something to deal with these issues and for the same course; they turned to the Native Americans. After that, Indians became source for pilgrims who taught them how to farm and get require foods from them.

A Gift from the Native Americans:

Food shortage ended in 1621. Pilgrims were very thankful to the Indians and for this course, Pilgrims held a banquet in 1621. In this devour, Native Americans were invited. At that time, Native Americans brought some turkey along with them. That is basic reason for which we eat turkey on thanksgiving because Native Americans did so on that day. And it became the part of history and tradition. Though Americans did not decide to bring turkey along with them for some particular reasons but it became a tradition for the pilgrims at that time and for us now to eat turkey at thanksgiving.

Economical Perspectives:

Though it seems that turkey was not chosen for particular reason but some researchers said that there were some economical as well as practical grounds which let them prefer turkey to take with them at the invited feast. Actually they were enough to feed lots of people same time. And according to the farmers, it was best for huge savings and profits.

What they have to do to find out substitute of turkey?

If somehow they decide to choose any other feats then it may require huge expenses as well. For instance, if they choose chicken in place of turkey then they would have to give so much for them which was not encouraging of course. At the same time, if they prefer any other animal for acquiring delicious meat from they would have to pay for them as well. For instance, they may kill the cows to get meat from them but cow were there to give milk and if they would have to pay for just killing them off too. So, all these issues led them to prefer the delicious turkey and have fund with them.

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