Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

What do you think of Memorial Day? What is the significance of this day and why do we make fun at this particular day? If you look over then you will find out that Memorial Day is one of the most important festivals which are celebrated with huge fun and joy throughout the nation. When do people celebrate this great day? Well, it is celebrated on last Monday of May on every year and lots of celebrations and preparations are made just for these festivities. Now, a question arises that why do people and the government give so importance to that specific day and what makes it so exceptional and significant for the whole nation? To get insight into the imperativeness of this day we have to find out a number of historical points of views about this day which have been happened in the past on this particular day.

Celebrate Memorial Day Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

The Significance of Memorial Day:

What is the most crucial and crucial cause of making fun and celebrations at Memorial Day? The most basic reason for this day is to give thanks to the nation’s soldiers who offered their lives several years ago just to save the land from probable treats and dangers. They were not just soldiers but several other militants also have taken part at that day and offered the gifts of their lives for the protection of their land i.e. United States. In the beginning, people were eager to celebrate the day to give thank and regard to the causalities that have been died the American Civil War. However, now this day is honored for all persons including natives as well as soldiers and military personnel who did not regard their live but did everything for their country and eventually, gave their lives for this cause.

What do people do to celebrate the Memorial Day?

Well, this day is really very crucial for whole nation and everybody takes part in it happily. People carry out lots of tasks at this particular day to regard it as well as to remind the great efforts made by the soldiers and natives. Usually, they go to different memorials and cemeteries which are help on this theme. It is not all as people regard the day by holding a national moment of remembrance at 3.pm on this day every year. At the same time, United State’s flag is kept at half-staff position for a particular duration in various regions of the country. In addition to this, some people visit public cemeteries just to be a sign of admiration and they put small American flags on every gravesite as well.

These are usual activities which people do on this day. However, there are several other people who spend the whole day along with their families and friends and make huge fun throughout the day. People get back to their homes sooner and then participate in more than few activities which become source of pleasure and bliss for them at this particular Memorial Day.

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