Why Do We Celebrate Bonfire Night

We have so many events to celebrate on every year. For instance, we make huge fun on our birthdays. At the same time, we celebrate national holidays such as independence days and lots of other festivals which significantly own very important place in our lives. Some of these events are personal i.e. they are connected to just our lives and our dears lives. However, there are a number of celebrations which are made on national as well ass international levels. When we talk about bonfire night then it is certainly very important to have huge fun at this night. It is national level event which is rejoiced on every 5th of November. Why do we celebrate Bonfire night and what is the historical record behind it? If you are willing to know these concerns in more depth then simply carry on towards the next passages which contain so much regarding Bonfire Night and its celebrations.

Celebrate Bonfire Night Why Do We Celebrate Bonfire Night

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night: Reasons?

What do people do on Bonfire celebrations and what kind of importance it owns among people? Well, at Bonfire night people make huge fun and make use of distinct colorful explosions and a number of bonfires. Now, what is the reason for making so cool? It is simply festivity of the foiled attempt by Guy Fawkes to wipe out Parliament.

The vent has a historical perspective. Actually, when King James gone up to the throne, then English Catholics urged that on hand the religious policy would surely be changed. Under Queen Elizabeth I, the Catholics were not allowed to carry out their religious belief and prayers. On the other hand, King James I didn’t cancel any of these laws at all. If anything would change, then things become not as good as were yet.

Now condition was very poor because not just they were stopped from carrying out usual religious activities, but there were something for them to obey even if they want to. For instance, people were not allowed to pray according to their faiths and religions but at the same time distinct penalties were imposed on people who declined to be present at Protestant sermons. Well, it was truly too disgusting and bad to think about. Things were becoming worse and one of the reasons for these issues was that King James was the son of Mary, which was the Queen of the Scots and a devout Catholic as well. Actual Bonfire Night began in 1605. A group Catholics along with their leader Robert Catesby planned to destroy the parliament to kill the King. One of these persons was Guy Fawkes. Acting on plan began by buying the plot near the parliament house. However, situation got changed when Guy Fawkes was kept by the soldiers and after that, he pointed out his fellows as well. King was saved and since that day, the 5th of November is celebrated to memorize as the most important day which saved the King.

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