Why Do People Sag Their Pants

Various fashion designs and trends invoke different responses as is very natural. A number of visions can be operating behind these motifs in so far as to state as to why people do so; some common ones are enunciated in the following:

To mimic one’s Idols

According to Andrew Defrancesco, a number of teen and adults are prone to it for they want to emulate their idols. The existing culture among the youth now a day maintains that if their idols wear something, they ought to do it too.

Baggy Why Do People Sag Their Pants

A number of artists, esp ‘the rappers’ attire in sagging pants. While the fans find it charming when theirs idol don sagging stuff, this means that it will cast a nice look on them too. Therefore, people sag mainly because they want to imitate their fictional or screen media idols or other lively celebs.

To Cast a Fashionable look

Many people do it to appear updated with the modern trends. Teens do it to get themselves accepted into a certain group. Oft-times one tends to join a group by dressing up in their ways.

To others, they merely intend to adhere with what is popular. A few feel gratification by wearing latest dresses or simply following the latest wave of fashion. In this respect, they seem to pursue a kind of craze. Individuals such as these will cease doing it then and there a new trend appears in the cult.

To Look Cool and Crushing

People may also sag their pants to look cool or crushing. However, there is some speculation about the style that it had developed in prison. Whether true or not, the fact remains that some groups don themselves that way. To young people, wearing pants in this manner enables them assert as a tough being. It may give an individual a feeling of being fashionable.

To Assert Oneself

Some say that they dress up this way because they just need to. Sometimes it happens to be a way of asserting their individuality. Irrespective of what others may notice, the clothes assume their manner of delivering themselves in the social setup around. Such individuals do so not to copy any fashion.

The self assertion that results in an individual as after the result of following a modern trend causes a feel of superiority and snobbishness in the youth tended by and outward treatment of sobriety in some educated circles, who won’t sage their trousers below a certain (pelvic) point so much so that their pubic is exposed; the trend however is there.

The trend of sagging pants has also been significantly observed in some well to do families where the body structure is obese and the dropping of belt crease a little below pelvic sounds impressive than tying it right above the abdomen casting an aged outlook.

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