Why Do People Eat Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated on Tuesday. The Day commemorates the start of the Christian celebration of Lent in which Christians abandon something for about 40 days to empathize with Jesus Christ who was made to go into exile for 40 days and nights during which he received temptations from devil.

Easter is celebrated at the termination of the forty days.

Shriven to Shrove:

By religious traditions, Christians went to church to confess their sins. There they believe they were absolved of their sins. This had been known as Shriven, Shrove now. With the passage of time “Shriven” shortened to “Shrove”, that is why Pancake Day is today known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancakes Why Do People Eat Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

During the commemoration of Lent Christians fast, so the day before, Shrove Tuesday, people at home consume up edibles, such as, butter, sugar, eggs and milk. Pancakes are made from these edibles and provide required nutritious content to prepare them for fasting. Eggs are not eaten afterward until Easter comes. Lent proper begins on Ash Wednesday and terminates by Easter, a period of forty days.

Reason attributed with the eating of pancakes:

Western countries such as in England, Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day in view of the tradition of eating nutritious content like pancakes on this particular day. Actually before proceeding on liturgical rites of Lent, they acclimatize themselves through such celebrations. The food served on this day contains ingredients not allowed during the fasting period of Lent.

In UK and Ireland pancakes are served on Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is an annual festival when delicious pancakes, thicker and bigger than French crepes, are served. These treats are served to the accompaniment of caster or granulated sugar. In the United States, however, lemon juice is served in addition to pancakes; while maple syrup or preserves in Canada.

Other relevant significance of the day:

The liturgical rites associated with Shrove Tuesday are not limited to just eating and feasting. On this day may people would collect money for social services, such as the example of Uniting Church, Australia.

The UK government patronizes to raise money for social works that would promote social awareness by convening the Rehab UK Parliamentary Pancake Race. Similarly, the Westminster School in England holds a special celebration known as Pancake Greaze to cater for the same social end.

As far as the date of this event is concerned, it varies in so far as to be somewhere in between the 3rd February and the 9th March.

Public celebrates this day according to the traditions of the locale they reside in. For example, people serve pancakes and doughnuts on this day in Lithuania while those in Hawaii have “Malasada Day”. They celebrate it with doughnuts. Similarly, in Iceland, people are served with salt meat and peas and the day celebrated so is called “Sprengidagur” or the “Bursting Day”.

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