Why Do Earthquakes Happen

Earthquakes are often defined as a sudden, violent shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface. There is no way to predict earthquakes as it can occur at anytime and anywhere in the world. Earthquakes often strike the with variable intensity levels. Perhaps, the more devastating fact about this natural disaster is its unpredictable nature. These are considered as the most destructive natural events which are caused naturally by seismic waves produced when crust of the earth releases energy abruptly.

Major Causes of Earthquakes

According to experts, there are two major causes of earthquakes. The first cause of earthquakes that scientists have explained to us is the volcanic activities. It is obvious that those places which are located near the volcanoes are more prone to experience earthquakes. Even a slight volcanic activity can cause movements or trembling on the earth’s surface. Major volcanic activities are associated with stronger earthquakes.

Earthquakes Happen Why Do Earthquakes Happen

The second major reason explained to us by scientists is tectonic activity. In tectonic activity, the faults and the plate margins move and cause earthquakes of varying intensities to happen. Stronger movements cause major tremors. Majority of the earthquakes happen because of tectonic activity. Two different scales are used to measure the magnitude of this natural calamity including the ‘Richter Scale’ and the ‘Mercalli Scale’.

The tremors occur as a result of explosive volcanic eruptions are of limited extent. For example, you will feel the tremor only if you are residing about 10 to 20 miles away from the base of the volcano. However, the earthquakes happen because of tectonic activities can produce tremors that can be felt over a large area.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Earthquakes as we aforementioned are natural events that can cause massive destruction. Soil liquefaction is one such devastating factor that results in case of earthquakes. Due to the shaking and trembling of the earth surface, the soil becomes weak as a result of which often the mega structures like bridges or buildings sink or tilt. Massive destruction often causes the gas or power lines to break which can cause fire. When is a major earthquake homes can suffer huge damages, in those cases the best is to hire disaster specialist clean up services to take care of the situation.

Furthermore, strong trembling or shaking of the earth’s surface can cause avalanches and earthquakes to happen. These tremors if have their center in the water and of higher magnitude to say 7.5 or higher on Richter scale, then they become even devastating as they cause tsunami. Earthquakes of high magnitude have always been devastating as history is full of many such instances where earthquakes destroyed the entire cities.

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