Why Do Cats Purr

Cats are known to be the popular domestic pet because of having excellent friendly behavior towards humans. Cats are not only used as pets but also used for hunting and controlling the growth of some repulsive undesired pests and creatures including vermin, snakes, scorpions and rats. Cats are found in so many different varieties and each of them is distinctive in respect of their characteristic features. Cats are admired by humans since a long time because of its friendly behaviors as well as attractive, cute appearances. If you want to have a better understanding of this loving and admiring creature then keep on reading.

Cats Purr Why Do Cats Purr

The Importance of Purring to Cats

You might have observed at several occasions when cats are purring. Many people are not aware of the facts of why do cats purr. There can be several reasons for this. The major reason behind why this loveable, friendly and endearing creature purrs is to communicate. Besides this, cats also purr when the owners treat them in loveable and friendly. Another thought is cats purr while eating as well. Animal experts give us another reason of cats purring as when female cats give birth to kittens.

Experts also say that nursing cats also produce such sort of sounds while communicating with kittens. Similarly, to express love and friendship, this creature makes use of purring sounds as well. Another possible interpretation is that cats normally purr to suggest the people that they are not aggressive.

Apart from some positive gestures, purring of the cats is also associated with some negative attributes as well. For instance, it is said that cats purr in order express their pain, sickness and injury. Or even some say to this extent that cats purr when these are on the verge of their last breath.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Facts about Cats

Purring is not the only sound produced by this beautiful creature. There are certain other sounds which cats produce for different purposes such as grunting, squeaking and trilling along with growling, hissing and meowing. An average weight of a cat is measured around 2.5 kg to 7 kg and the average height of the cats is somewhere around 23 to 25 cm.

The skeletal system of a cat comprises of 3 sacral vertebrae, 7 lumbar vertebrae 13 thoracic vertebrae and 7 cervical vertebrae. Cats have extremely good vision abilities during the night time; however, during daytime their vision is not that good.

If we compare the cat with other animals, we will come to know that cats tend to sleep more than other animals, to say about 12 to 16 hours per day. Normally, a cat has a body temperature of 38 to 39 degree Celsius. Cats make use of symbiotic social adaptation so as to communicate and interact with people around. You have often seen the aggressive nature of cats as well where they fight against each other for different reasons such as dominance, reproduction, territory, or self-defense.

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