Why Did World War II Start?

World War II began in 1939 as a conflict between European powers but later spread out to include most of the nations of the world. The conflict was an outcome of a very trivial issue. Some Polish, according to Hitler, “the regular polish troops” had inflicted damage on German transmitter, Gleiwitz. In reaction to this the Nazis raided on Minor German radio station. Britain and France taking sides with Poland entered into the war arena proper on 3rd September, 1939.

Japan’s long-cherished intentions to capture China and Korea unraveled at the time when it attacked Manchuria, Northeast China. This also revealed Japan’s Asian expansionistic designs. These advances caused serious concerns in the United States. Moreover, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s ordering attack on Pearl Harbor led US declare war right after 30 minutes and the US involvement in the war was formally declared once again discontinuing its policy of isolationism after the Great War. Among many speculated causes attributed to the outbreak of World War II, one is the existence of certain unresolved issues as the legacy of World War I.

World War II Why Did World War II Start?

World perhaps was moving toward some decisive ends, regretfully at the cost of huge casualty with decade long traumatic extension later. As said earlier that US never intended to participate in the dirty politics of Europe, rather it was dragged into the war for the second time under the peculiar circumstances. There, in Europe, changes were going on very swiftly; Hitler came to power when German economy was at the lowest ebb of annihilation. Now in order to safeguard Germany from an untoward economic collapse and to settle the score lost during Great War, Germans again attack Poland with subsequent involvement of Britain and the French led to the logical aftermath of the outbreak of World War II.

A weakly attributed cause of the Second World War was Italian engagement in Ethiopia in 1935 to translate its dream of becoming a colonial power too, further paved the way for the European players to wage a full-scale world war.

In the end we may come up with the conclusion that the German invasion of Poland and the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor jointly gave momentum to the fire of the 2nd world war.

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