Why Did the Soviet Union Break Up

Many countries developed abut some of them collapsed because of some reasons. While talking about Soviet Union, it is very important to know why Soviet Union collapsed. And what were the main causes which led to this fall down. Obviously, it is not a small or negligible issue but there must be strong grounds behind it which eventually gave way to Soviet Union collapse. In the next section, different kinds of factors and reasons will be discussed which played a crucial role for the Soviet Union to give way. Let us get these concerns.

Soviet Union Break Up Why Did the Soviet Union Break Up

Why did the Soviet Union break up: Reasons and Situations?

When we think of Soviet Union then it becomes certainly clear for us to remind that it was considered among one of the super powers in the world. It was even going on to make remarkable developments but some causes stopped it to go ahead and eventually it got fall. It was no doubt a strong successor to the Russian Empire. It played a significant role in making research on space technology as well as weaponry. It is not all because it helped several other countries and regions to get better and to develop in a way as it was doing. Soviet Union had a stable economy and it was in position to defend in probable threats and dangers because it had strong military forces as well. What can be most obvious evidence of its strength than being a member of the United Nations Security Council? It is really shocking to know that Soviet Union was a dependant member of the United Nations Security Council.

Why the Country Broke Up:

What can be the probable reasons for the break up of Soviet Union? Or which conditions force that country to collapse? Well, if a critical analysis is made then it becomes obvious that the country fallen down because of two major reasons. One was regarding economic issues and other was related to undependable political structure.

At that time, United State’s President named Ronald Reagan became active in Saudi Arabia’s decision to put up for sale its oil at relatively cheap prices. As a result, the U.S.S.R. considerably minimized its oil profits. It was not too simple to afford these conditions and to tolerate the economic issues easily. At the same time, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev brought out some major policies in 1985, which were known as Glasnost and Perestroika. First policy was for making transparency in the government as well as second was for solving the economic problems of the country.

In addition to this, country was unable to carry on developing and working on plans and ideas which were intended for various satellite states. This important progress eventually led to the beginning of the Cold War. All these situations disturb the political atmosphere and eventually it forced the country to break up.

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