Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

There were many events, which led to the Revolutionary Wart start, so we cannot blame one event to this Revolutionary War.  The Revolutionary Wart created great tension among the colonists and the British Empire.

Growing Independence

As the British Empire was thousands of miles away and the colonist were going to be more independent in their decisions.  They were of the opinion that the American men and women were equal.  They have equal rights of independence.  They can manage their own property.  While during this era, in Great Britain, a woman cannot solely on her business or property.

Revolutionary War Start Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

The colonist had unlimited resources.  They earned a lot of resources within short time.  They were more prosperous than the people back in homeland in Britain.  The colonist thought that they can live without the Empire.  So, this feeling brought them to independence from British Empire.

The French: Indian War & Higher Taxes:

While British were involved in war with the Native Americans and French, the colonists planned to have a war with the British.  During this war The British won and they incurred debt to both local and foreign nationals.

The British levied heavy taxes on the colonist.  These heavy taxes were burden to the colonist.  So, they were again planning to lodge war against Britain.

They levied heavy taxes on sugar and paper, which were important for the American life and business.  This led them to have a war with the Britain.

The Incidents in Boston:

Boston incident was also important, which was called Boston Tea Party.  This event led them to have a war with the Britain.  The British Parliament passed a law that Americans could only purchase tea from the East India Company.  This act was not acceptable to the colonists.  They threw all the tea into ocean in response to the British Parliament Act.

In response to that the British soldiers killed number of unarmed civilians.  In response to that British Parliament passed a law who stated that all officials in the city had to be appointed by the royal governor.  The town meetings were also prohibited.  This was the only of major cause which led to Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War Start 1 Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

The Shots at Lexington:

During this period, the tensions reached to its climax when Empire started to increase the number of arm forces in the colonies.  They impose restriction to the native colonist.  They colonist responded to take arms against them.   When the British Army found that militias were gathering weapons in Lexington, they sent soldiers to arrest them.  The colonists opened fire on them, which mounted the tension between the colonist and Empire. In response that tension, the Empire sent more forces to stop the rebellion.  The US Congress created the Continental Army.  This Army was head by George Washington who later became the first president of America.  This Army won the famous American Revolutionary War in 1973.

There were many other events which led the Revolutionary War, but the above events were main events.  These were the very important things that led to Revolutionary War.

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