Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

Every action must have some reasons for it to happen. It is the similar case with revolutionary war. There were definitely some grounds which force the colonists to stand up against the Empire and begin a revolutionary war. So, question is actually why the revolutionary war start and what were crucial reasons for it to take place? These issues are discusses here in the following section along with proper description.

Revolutionary War Start Why Did the Revolutionary War Start

Growing feeling for Independence:

What was the most critical reason for revolutionary way to happen at all? Well, it was the sentiments and feelings of colonists which force them to think of their independence and freedom from the British Empire. The empire was many miles far from the actual territory where colonists were living and thus, they happened to think of their independent land. Americans are equal, it means that both men as well as women are keen to work on equal basis which really helped them realize and work for their cause. They certainly got and learned the different manners to live their lives in distinct styles. At the same time, they felt that it could become terrible for them to live more while remaining under the dependence of British Empire. So Americans started to get the things better and they decided to manage things according to their causes and demands. In addition to this, colonists were having vast land which means that they ha enough resources which may be utilized for the great cause of getting independence. That is why, by making correct usage of these resources colonists became more powerful and prosperous as compare to those people who were living in the home region of England. Were these developments important for colonists and had they any kind of impact on their struggles? Well, these developments proved to be very beneficial for the colonists which helped them realize that they may live without the Empire…

The French – Indian War and Increased Taxes:

During wars with French and Native Americans, British involved and finally got victory but they acquired debts not just local but foreign as well. To deal with these debts, they applied more taxes on colonists who were unable to cope with raised taxes and eventually, they gave up. The most important thing was that colonists took part in the war as well and they helped the British to win the war but what did they get? Of course, they did not get anything except huge taxes. This was another reason which let them think that there is no benefit to fight with and help out the British Empire… things became worse when they felt that they were not even consulted on these concerns at all. More taxes were applied to papers and sugar which were the main sources of income to the Americans as well as their business. These were very strong reason which revolutionary war started.

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