Why Did the American Revolution Happen

In explaining why the Revolution took place, it is necessary to look both at underlying causes and at the precipitating events.

The Revolution was the outcome of long-term social, traditional and political transformations. In between 1680 and 1776, an American society developed a society that differed appreciably from Britain. In the same era, the colonies had diverged markedly from Britain. A variety of long-run trends gave the 13 American colonies certain common characteristics which made them very different from England

American Revolution Happen Why Did the American Revolution Happen

Religious diversity

The colonies not only displayed a spiritual variety unmatched in the western region, they were enthusiastic to put up with religious dissimilarity. Four colonies including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island–had no reputable church. Five other states disestablished the Church of England even before the Revolution broke out

The Gap between the Colonists and the British

The British Crown got the wrong idea that colonists saw themselves as a separate people, just because of their own voice in their private circumstances understand paystub deductions. A series of British political mistakes and clear blunders forced the colonists to become patriots. In 1776, a growing number of Americans, including George Washington, were convinced that Britain was embarked on a systematic plan to strip them of their property and reduce them to slavery.

The American patriots were alarmed by what they saw as a conspiracy against their liberty. They feared that the corruption and the abuses of power by the British government would taint their own society. The British continued to Concord, where they searched for hidden arms. At North Bridge, a group of redcoats and minutemen clashed, leaving 3 redcoats and 2 minutemen dead. The British then retreated to Boston, while citizen-soldiers fired at the redcoats from behind trees and stone.


England took these taxes as sensible; the Americans were paying for the soldiers in the colonies, for their safety. As Americans did not consider the soldier’s presence essential in the New World, clearly they despised the tax. And worst of all, these taxes were decreed without any word from an American, as there was no representative for the New World in the British parliament. Americans thought that it was comprehensible for the British to legislate when the issue involved the Empire, for instance trade, but merely Colonists could tax colonists. British government was not involved in it which was the, 3,000 miles away and was unable to hear the American views. The Prime Minister claimed that the Colonists were “virtually represented” in parliament: each member stood for the empire as a whole

Presence of Foreign Troops

The crack got bigger in the late 1700s. The British began to war next to France over American colonies. The military campaign proved expensive. To finance the costs the Empire forced organized taxes on the colonists, which was no doubt another cause for why did the American Revolution happened.

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