Why Did Civil War Start?


In 1625, King Charles assumed the throne of England as a despotic ruler who would claim a divine right as the man of God on the earth with all the portfolios of governance vested in his appointment. The course of his unbridled creed reached its zenith when he dared to declare: ‘he doesn’t even bother about the parliament…’ It was at this juncture that the subsequent chronology of events led to the outbreak of smoldering in parliament. The elements of discontent would ultimately jeopardize his so-called divine rule. A further aggravation was caused the moment the monarch marries the Spanish beauty, Henrietta Maria. This act on part of a catholic ruler sparked a wave of chaos among the parliamentarians who would doubt the genuineness of his catholic faith.

English Civil War Why Did Civil War Start?

This glaring deficiency of character contributed a great deal toward fostering of repugnance against the dictatorial rule of King Charles. In order to chastise / sanction himself of his infidelity, he contrived a prayer book for his subjects in Scotland and began to attend church more often, inclined to meet their material demands thereby officially appointing William Laud to cater for this end. The motive behind all this arrangement was an increased control over papal authority to avoid any probable clash with his throne. This move of him invited rage of the Puritan who would otherwise emerge to be conservative, not sanctioning any drastic change in the hierarchical system of the church. Consequently a series of events led to sporadic riots throughout the length and breath of the country, Charles having undergone heavy debts didn’t possess worth enough to restore capital back.

Moreover the legislation of new laws and regulations that was inevitable at that time could not be possible without the express seconding of the parliamentarians whose confidence he already had lost because of his outspoken overtures. The parliament, however, was pursued and agreed to be unanimous with the king on the condition that he per se restored the ecclesiastical status of religious institutions.

Most of the members of the parliament didn’t like papal involvement in politics and wanted to do away with the bishops, the votaries of catholic faith with an increased control over the armed forces in view of a possible war threat because of the short-tempered disposition of Charles who very often suffered bouts of rage. Accordingly, Charles in pursuit of his heinous designs earnestly endeavored to arrest Pym along with other four members of the parliament. This act badly tarnished his image and the whole country aroused against him and put his monarchical rule at odds. The king, who had now lost the trust of commoners, had to unleash his control over army as well and was made to put it under the discretion of the parliament. This was one of the major events that contributed to give a fillip to the Civil War.


American Civil War Why Did Civil War Start?

The root cause associated with the outbreak of American Civil War the abolition of slavery by Abraham Lincoln. The economy of the southern America depended largely on slave run farming. Their economical survival was at the very ebb of inexorable financial ruination. Nor was the army fully informed of who was going to be their enemy — their own countrymen! The issue was not of much importance for a person in the street for an ordinary person couldn’t afford a slave for drudgery. It was at the behest of moderate and somewhat forward American politicians in the northern territories who promoted the abolition of slavery formally in the country. If we put a glance at the theme of American constitution that demands an increasing measure of liberalism. The progressive move toward passing an enactment for the abolition of slavery was the logical aftermath of the latent potential of the spirit of liberalism. In a nut’s shell the clash was of economic description not the cultural one.

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