Why Advertise on the Internet

1-Reaching new customers

The market changes constantly and new families in the area means new customers. People earn more money depicting changes in lifestyle and buying habits. A shopper who not considered a business few years back might become a prime customer in the future.

2-Continuous advertisement

Shoppers don’t have store loyalty they once used to have. Advertisement must be done to keep in pace with the competition. According to the national Retail Merchants Association, mobility and non-loyalty are uncontrolled and stores must promote to get former customers to return seeking new ones.

Advertise Online Why Advertise on the Internet

3-Advertise to remain with shoppers through buying process

Most customers postpone buying decisions and they often to from store to store for comparing prices, quality and service. Advertising must reach customers steadily through the entire decision making process. The name of the advertiser must be fresh in the minds of the customer when they ultimately decide to buy.

4-Adverise because company is advertising

There are a lot of customers in the market who are ready to buy at any time. Advertising is needed to keep regular customers and for counter balancing the advertising of competition. Advertising must be done to keep a share of customers or they will be lost to more aggressive competitors.

5-Avertising pays off over a long period

Advertising gives long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel advertising. According to the findings of a five year survey of over 3000 companies – Advertisers who maintain or expand advertising over a five year time see their sales increase in average of 100%. Companies that cut their advertising decrease their sales by 45%.

6-Advertisement for generating store traffic

The first step toward sales increases and expanding your base of shoppers is continuous store traffic. More sales will generate and more merchandise will be sold when more people will visit the store. An NRMA survey shows that shoppers make 30 unanticipated “in the store” purchases for every 100 items they plan to buy.

7-Adverise for making for sales

Advertising really works and business that are successful are usually strong and steady advertisers. If a person observes, he will notice that the most aggressive and consistent advertisers are almost regularly the most successful.

8-Advertising for generating business

Sales people are always on the pay-roll and doors are open. Even sales are generated in the slowest days as long as the business has overhead to meet and new people to reach. Advertising definitely generates customers in the present and future.

9-Advertising keeps a healthy and positive image

Rumors and bad news travel fast in a competitive market. Misleading gossips and punctures and bad news are corrected through advertising. Vigorous and positive advertising can bring shoppers into the market, regardless of the economic conditions.

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