Why Wine Bottles Are Stored on Their Side?

It is not the white wine but mostly red wines that are supposed to be aged or stored. You can see them in a liquor store and are available in corked capped bottles and preservation of cork is as important as wine. The bottles are stored in a horizontal position to prevent the cork from drying. Sometimes the bottles are also stored in an inclined position so that the cork is at a lower level position rather than at the bottom. The cork is prevented from drying up because the wine remains in contact with the cork. And it also helps in expanding and preventing air from entering the bottle. A close examination of cork reveals the quality of wine whether it’s good or bad.

The horizontal storing of wine tipped forward slightly keeps the sediment near the bottle neck which allows more sediment to flow while pouring into the glass.

Wine on Side Why Wine Bottles Are Stored on Their Side?

Ideal conditions for wine storage

The ideal conditions for storing wine is in a shady and dry place like timber sheds cork with temperature ranging from 60 to 70 degrees. Temperature is very important in storing wine. It should be constant with exposing the wine to sunlight. However, a slight change in temperature will not have a bad effect because rapid changes can damage the sealing cork compromising the quality of wine. Wine which is stored in warm environment ages faster as compared to cooler temperature. Humidity is the other important factor and it should be moderate.

Wine has a tendency to change owing to its ingredients and the degree of change can be controlled by the factors discussed above. Time also adds flavor to wine but it can turn into wine if it is exposed to sunlight.

The color of the bottle is of prime importance because sunlight will pass through clear bottles which will result in its premature aging. Dark bottles will permit ultraviolet rays to pass through which will ruin the taste. It is important to store wine bottles in dark and airy places. Poor ventilation in wine cellars can cause the penetration of unwanted smells which can ruin the taste.

It would be strange to know but wine cellars should be free from noise and vibration. Vibrations can disturb the sediments in red wine while vibrations can harm all types of wines despite their color. Same is with the case of noise that creates harmful vibrations for the wine.

Wine should not be disturbed unless there is a glass and appetite for it!

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