Why We Need Body Hair?

Human body has numerous hairs all over the body; Following account discusses their merits, vital for out body: -


Hair is an integral part of the Integumentary system of our body. Primary mechanical protectoral role of the hair is to prevent intrusion of external miniature elements; however, sometimes a trim with Scissor Hub Australia is very necessary . In other words they perform the function of barriers around different apertures of varying range over the length and breadth of body. For instance, our eye lashes guard any dust or particle entry to our sensitive eyes. Same is the case with hairs within the cavities of nose and ear. They proper protect our nasal cavity by restricting dust or any other injuriouss substance of particle nature. Similarly, eyebrows control the magnitude / flux of light entering our eyes via its Iris and hence their squeeze is directly proportional to the size of iris (shutter) adjusted in response thereto protect eye lens. In order to prevent our eye sight from permanent damage, the mechanical role of the hair around thus plays pivotal role. If you want to take care of that beard or chest hair, visit www.groenerekenkamer.com.

Body Hair Why We Need Body Hair?


Very often you notice that during winter when the temperature outside is considerably greater than the normal human temperature (37°C). Preservation of this state of body is a must for any warm blooded being as long as it’s living. There are different factors for temperature conservation and regulation in body such as a steady rate of metabolism helps maintain the homeostasis of body. Hair, however, take part in the external, physical factors of maintaining body temperature, for instance, there is a bristling effect the moment we feel cold beyond a certain point —  hair on body become erect. This erection accompanied by hundreds of adjacent hair in the array mechanically develops a thick layer of tissues beneath; hence providing a kind of leather covering for the body for the time being to shield it from cold bites. The instant formation of body covering just beneath the skin prevents body from losing any heat further but of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t use a back shaver for men every once in a while.

Excessive friction / abrasion not only damages the protective layering of the skin (click for more info) but also mars its beauty — dulls the fair complexion of body parts. The areas such as in armpits and the crevices between thighs and abdominal roof are more vulnerable to increased exposure to friction because of body locomotion and may develop sores in the absence of hair growth, to to better take care of your hair while growing, check this Beard Growth Supplements at the link.


Since any hair is deeply rooted into the skin, which is also a sensory organ, a hair aids the skin beneath receive stimulations of touch. In other words, hairs play an efficient role between the external mechanical stimuli and the skin. It’s why we have hair all over body with the exception of palms and the ventral side of feet.


Smelling is also a part of sensory communication. Human body releases certain odors that are unique to individuals. The presence of hair over a range of array helps retain these perfumes for a longer period. These body scents that are characteristic to individual help us identify an individual on the basis of smell. Perhaps this could be a reason people use different body perfumes for external application.

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