Why We Celebrate Memorial Day?

The commemoration of Memorial Day is held for paying homage to all those soldiers who had given their lives in war, battles and even in peace to safeguard our national integrity. It is morally obligatory on us to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us. We in discharge of our moral duty ought to appreciate their courage and valor.

There has been a certain day throughout the course of a couple of previous centuries in American culture to celebrate the Memorial Day or to display some dignity to honor those brave soldiers on Monday. Before the official declaration of the day it was known as Decoration Day in which people would decorate the graves of soldiers. Historically, in 1865, for the first time, the newly liberated slaves in Charleston celebrated Decoration Day, the place being former confederate prison camp. There were graves of union soldiers as well who died while they were still captives. Parades of union soldiers in huge formation take place while chanting patriotic songs and the national anthem.

Memorial Day Why We Celebrate Memorial Day?

The official approval for the day takes effect one year later on 5th May in Waterloo, New York. The year 1967 witnessed the day get official title. Before the year 1969 unfolded the American Congress approved the bill that onward the Memorial Day will fall on last Monday of May every year thus creating three consecutive holidays, Friday and Saturday being regular holidays already in vogue — a long weekend indeed.

Keeping in view the retrospect of the appearance of the Memorial Day on the national wall, it is regretfully mentioned that a great majority of posterity today is quite oblivious of the context in which the commemoration of the day ought to keep our reminiscence alive to that reality in which sons of this land laid their lives for the national cause. It is in a sense a moral binding on national media to arrange ample dissemination of literature as would shower light for the young minds so that they are made to pause for a while to connect themselves to the somber realities which our predecessors have been engulfing the bitter drafts to level grounds for us to prosper and thrill today.

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