Why We Celebrate Halloween?

Today Halloween signifies an event celebrated by offering candies to groups of children, wearing costumes of exotic colors, black cats, pumpkin and the likely stuff. . . The Halloween as a festival dates to the historical Samhain, the Celtic festival some two thousand years back. Celtic used to worship nature’s beauty, heavenly bodies, particularly Samhain, held as dead people’s master. According to the masses, Samhain is described as summoning all the souls in the guise of animal or human being on 31st October who has passed the world.

The onset of November is the marker of end of summer and the inception of winter, which in European literature is associated with death. Historically, 1st November used to be the New Year for Celtic people who considered night falling just before New Year the interface separating the world of living people and those of the dead. On this night the said boundary dissolves and the two worlds are let to come in close contact and diffuse into each other.

Halloween Why We Celebrate Halloween?

It is conventionally believed that the ghostly appearances descend on this night in pursuit of the soul mates. The living people, however, normally happen to be at odds with them, would go out to put fires off to make them feel cold and eventually get away and do not interfere with their peaceful worldly life. To effectively offset the influence of spirit humans dress up in eccentric ways uttering frightful sound.

The practicing of the tradition of “trick-or-treat” got derived out of the soul’s day of English. On the day the poor would go out to seek food, called SOUL CAKES, for free from the rich out there. On yielding to the request for cake, the poor pray for the dead relatives of the rich. The tradition has been in vogue for centuries.

Today, people observe the occasion as learnt from their predecessors but this fact can not be ignored that the festival has been going through a range of modifications over the course of a number of ages. This implies that a number of additions and deletions to the factor of its modification would have caused since its first appearance. Here we’ll have to contend with what we have received in legacy.

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