Why the Eiffel Tower was Built?

The iconic Eiffel tower was built in Paris for the world exhibition which was an international fair meant for showing the beautiful, unique things and advanced technology of France. Its construction started in 26 January 1887 and was finally completed on 31st march 1889 taking a time duration of two years, two months and five days. For those who also have their own construction project, you can browse equipment for sale online which provides you with the ease of convenience.

Eiffel tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel who also designed the internal body of the Statue of Liberty. That is the reason why it is called Eiffel tower. The tower has hundred stories and a height of 324 meters. More than one million dollars were spent on it a at that time and seven thousand tons of steel was used.

eiffel tower Why the Eiffel Tower was Built?

Although the main reason for building the Eiffel tower was the international exhibition but there were also some other reasons. One reason was because that date was the celebration of hundred years of French revolution and the people and higher officials wanted to celebrate that day by making France more beautiful. This tower became one of the most beautiful buildings of not only France but also of the world. It is also included as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

One other reason for which the tower was built was because of the advancement in the field of science. As the Eiffel tower was tall, it could be used for the experiments of radio telegraphy, temperature, pressure.

When twenty years passed with the expiry of its lease, many people wanted to destroy the tower but some politicians and scientists opposed the thought and they wanted to keep it for the radio transmission purposes. It is still used for the same purpose. Eiffel tower might not have been there if it was not used for the radio transmission.

The final reason to build the Eiffel tower was to create history that would also glorify the exhibition. It was the tallest building in those times all over the planet and its design was very helpful in creating and constructing other buildings in France.

It was earlier proposed that tower was to be constructed in Barcelona for the world exhibition which was to be held at 1888. But that city’s officials did not take any interest in it thinking that it was an expensive project. Paris agreed after that to construct a tower and it became the entrance mark for the exposition.

Till this day, Eiffel Tower means a lot to France. An area of 42 miles can be seen from the top of the tower. It is a tourist spot and till now approximately two hundred million people have visited the Eiffel tower.

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