Why Was the Declaration of Independence Written

According to Jefferson, the Declaration was written ‘to place before mankind the general sense of the matter in clear terms to cater for their consent.’ The Declaration of Independence, containing a humble petition for independence from the English colonial control, was submitted to English King, George III.

The declaration elicited a form of government that advocated a rule with the approval of the subjects (popular opinion). Moreover, the prime objective of the government was described as one capable and committed to safeguard the rights and interests of a common man.

Declaration of Independence Why Was the Declaration of Independence Written

The draft also cited references from a number of examples of colonial rule of the Great Britain where the fundamental rights of the colonies were desecrated thereby losing their national right to have a say in their political system. Based on these references the draft demanded a full measure of autonomy from its colonial rule.

Following two were the salient features of the Declaration:

  • To convey to the world that the British Colonies in America have claimed to be independent nationalities onward;
  • To make it known to the King that the colonies have resorted to independence after having endured a long drawn grievances against the colonial rule.

The Declaration of Independence laid foundations of the United States constitution. It was the forerunner document foreshadowing an imminent emancipation of the territory from the British rule. In addition to this, it was to serve as the unifying force for scores of independent colonies that were to form confederate later before emerging into the United States of America.

Factors that led to the drafting of the Declaration:

  • The prime-motivating factor behind the draft of declaration of independence was the earnest desire of states to liberate them from the foreign domination — their release from under the British hegemony.
  • The main cause behind this move for independence was described to be a range of colonial reservations against the English monarch George III.
  • In this document, the people of the United States have voiced their certain rights, dubbed as “natural rights” being violated which provided them ample occasion to cement their rightful claim for independence or otherwise — REVOLT.
  • The declaration was also a unanimous expression of the increasing dissatisfaction of the masses against the British rule and their genuine desire for freedom.
  • In order to effectively interpret that “genuine desire” of the people of the colonies, the writers of the declaration highlighted the importance of happiness and liberty to free-living and prosperity for every individual.

Other Relevancies of the Document:

Drafted somewhere between June and July 1776, the US Declaration of Independence received ratification on 4th July the same year. On the whole 56 Congress delegates across the continent signed the document of Declaration of Independence. At the time of signing the document, John Hancock was the President of the Congress, who represented Massachusetts. The committee who co-authored the document listed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin.

The Declaration of Independence has unprecedented significance in the history of the United State as the content and the themes of liberty and freedom have been emulated on different history making occasions in the world. Examples include the Liberian Declaration of Independence in 1847, the Vietnam Declaration of Independence in 1945, and the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence in 1811.

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