Why There is no Life on Moon?

Our earth has only one natural satellite, the moon that revolves around it. A frequently asked question, “why there is no life on the moon”, leads us to answers that are considered inadequate because they pose further questions on us that we are presently unable to answer:

  • Life on earth appeared from out of water; a hugely greater proportion of protoplasm consists of water. In other words life can’t be imagined without water, which is not there on the lunar surface.
  • Another vital item to support life anywhere in the universe is oxygen (O2), an element found on earth in gaseous state in the air mixture. It is the oxygen that our lungs filter through air during breathing process. Air, more specifically, oxygen required to sustain life is not there on the moon.
  • The temperature range available on the moon is not suitable to support life.

Moon Why There is no Life on Moon?

Apart from the dearth of three fundamental items quoted above, there are numerous other factors that would not approve life to appear on the moon, such as:

  • The angle at which the moon is tilted;
  • Speed of rotation around the earth;
  • Speed of rotation about its own axis;
  • Distance from the sun, etc.

All the observations and studies made to date; our cherished earth remains the only place that can support life of the mere description we have experienced. Colin Thiele how beautifully puts it in his “Earthling”: -

Of all the far regions

The burning, the cold

This one little earth

Is the planet of gold.

The moment we start pondering over above cited factors, the very first logical question that pops up in our mind is: If the imaginative “aliens” creation would also require the life conditions the way we do on earth? It may be that they have a totally different system for so-called phenomenon we term “life”, such as their “life” might not need water and air stuff the way we do. These unanswered queries are buzzing in science (aerospace) fiction.

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