Why the Free News Media is Important

The news media is the section of the mass media whose function is to reveal current affairs to the common people who don’t have an easy access to the affairs of the world. A news media typically may include broadcast media (radio, television), print media (magazines, newspapers) and rapidly developing network of Internet-based media (weblogs, WWW pages,).

The term “news trade” is attributed to the function of the news media as a “business separate from”, but still an integral part of the profession of journalism.

How Free News Media assumes importance in your life cycle?

You wake up in the morning and start looking for the morning newspaper and sit calm to study it. Then you switch to perform a meticulous task of reading the paper. This is a layman’s first exposure to free news media of his daily routine.

Free News Media Why the Free News Media is Important

As a next step, having done with kitchen, you turn on your TV to watch the morning news while taking tea. This is your second exposure to Free News Media.

Then you get ready to reach to your work place. As you stop at a red light, you habitually turn on radio; this is your third encounter with the Free News Media.

Free news media allow news and the related information largely devoid of governmental influence. They make us to express our views on any national or personal issue without any fear of a possible repercussion. In other words they provide us enough opportunity to have a say in social or political matters we are a part of.

Finally, Why it is important?

Let us now revert back to the question: Why are they important to us? They are important because if you have a free media, you will not be getting a subjective or biased opinion on any issue. The government cannot sensor everything that comes to our view. So we can have multidimensional information from all corners of the world on any issue.

Have you ever pondered What if you won’t have any free news media? Let’s suppose you are at a place where the government scans everything going public. Any news would be a version of the facts and figures siding with the government’s policies whether favorable or not. Any piece of information coming to you would actually be one stained by the arbitrary judgment of the government.

In a country where news media is not independent, you will always receive just one bend of outlook of the news broadcasted. This is because you might be afraid of the police coming to you to arrest you on spurious charges of confronting with the governmental machinery or policies. So, in a country setting like stated, you won’t be able to vindicate your rightful stance because the government is dictatorial out there.

Regime in a country can’t be declared democratic until and unless it restricts dissemination of free news media. It is said that the presence of a FREE news media is a token of a healthy democracy.

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