Why Our Galaxy is Called the Milky Way?

The word “Milky Way” is an interpretation of a very ancient, yet in vogue, Greek term, “Galaxias”.

Historically, there has been a class of people who held it for centuries that our galaxy, to which the sun (solar system) is an integral part, takes its name from the Greek tradition. The pagan Greeks termed it so because when they gazed at sky, it appeared to them like a BREAST / BUST replete with milk spread all over the horizon as if, note the pagan belief in action, some baby angle has sucked and grabbed it to yield milk all over the sky.

Milky Way Why Our Galaxy is Called the Milky Way?

Common Observation:

At night, when it is not cloudy, if we put a glance at the sky, right above us, we will encounter hundreds of thousand stars stretching all over the sky with their flooding lights broadcasting a milky aura all around. If we let our vision seep through the bulky curtain of nature further into the epicenter of the galaxy, we’ll find our vision incapable to account for such a huge number of stars around the centre in all the three dimensional space; this is because the spread of star light of very high intensity made our sight too blurring to distinguish the presence of individual stars in that milky flood.

Modern Interpretation:

It was with the invention and development of telescope that we have been able to identity those vividly as “stars”, not any sort of milk as the pagans ascribed it. To our eyes it looks a cloud because of the unbearable intensity of the flooding lights emanating from gigantic nuclear reactions from over the surface of stars.

Galileo, came forward with his telescope, and clearly saw that the so called ‘milky way’ was in fact a great stretch of millions of stars forming a huge network (galaxy). He further concluded that it was just a façade of one galaxy while there are still many more and still much more yet to be discovered which the posterity did!

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