Why Lusty Canaries Change Their Tune?

Canaries have a similarity like humans and believe in embracing tried and tested models of behavior when an important decision of life is concerned.

Young male canaries possess an amazing quality of the ability to pick up tunes from the external environment. Young male canaries rained in confined cages have imitated computer generated synthetic sounds. This is their superb ability to get trained to new sounds easily.

Canaries are usually found singing different songs throughout the year except the spring season which is usually their mating season. Canaries have strict rule regarding song structures.

Canaries Why Lusty Canaries Change Their Tune?

The young males are however free to break such rules and they often sing experimental songs as a show of their love and freedom. They however stick to their time tested songs when it comes to matter of courtship expressing the capabilities of health, breeding and hunting through their songs.

Just like the case of human, dolphins, porpoises and bats, canaries also have the capability of learning new sounds through imitation and improvisation. It might be actually true that the new songs that canaries sing comprises of elements that are picked up from noises they get to hear from their surroundings.

It has also been observed that healthy male canaries do not only sing fresh songs by themselves but also inspire other young male canaries to break the strict music rules.

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