Why is Zoo Important

It is said that humans love only what they decipher, and they protect only what they love. The environmentalist and the biologists are quite afraid that zoos may be the last resort for wild life — a place where humans can co-exit around them with a genuine desire to protect them against the atrocities a modern man has done to devastate their natural environment.

The idea of keeping zoos originated quite earlier in ancient Chinese and Middle East cultures. It was then democratized in the Roman Empire. As people began to set off for distant locations to study the world around, they encountered animals and plants they had never seen or heard of earlier.

Zoo Why is Zoo Important

Out there they were attracted by these wonderful beings. Now these travelers used to give feedback to their communities and leaders of what they had seen. This added to the inquisitiveness of the listeners and they too would desire to venture through far-flung wild life.

In order to assert their influence on each other and their subjects, rulers would often desire to ‘possess’ some of the out-of-reach animals, that would otherwise be difficult to capture for an inexpert or non-professional. Such kind of wild life collections were termed as “menageries” that only the rich and the powerful could afford to pet.

With the passage of time advanced zoological studies and explorations changed the trends so much so that it was the state or the city administration now that reared and maintained collections of wild life animals for people to visit and entertain as today they are no longer the reserved discretion of the well off.

It is seems relatively much convenient to study animal behaviour in zoos, and blindly apply afterwards what is learnt of their life to support their specie in their wild natural habitat. Here is an example of researchers at the San Diego Zoo who have been able to show how giant pandas communicated using their scent marks. This also showered light about how lonely pandas felt in the wild setting at the onset of mating season.

There are many zoos that send researchers into natural habitats to study wild life there. For example, researchers of CRES of San Diego Zoo are shifting endangered iguanas to safer places in the Caicos and Turks islands of the Caribbean. Wild Animal Park at the Zoo has large fields that give rhinos, giraffes, and antelope enough room to roam about, as they would do in their natural habitat.

Zoos are important because they provide the public an opportunity to watch a delightful diversity of colorful wild creatures up so close there. Nothing can rival in ecstasy a close communion such as like this!

Most important of all, zoos provide people with the opportunity to watch animals in person — a close visual contact. Looking them at work or play, we sometimes feel how closely we resemble them in certain respects as soul beings! However, if you are still unsure of which travel destination to go to next, you may visit sites like https://www.tripster.com/detail/knotts-berry-farm-buena-park and see an array of travel options.

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