Why Is There a Hole In Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium is basically a football stadium situated at Irving, Texas. The stadium was built to substitute the old vintage Cotton Bowl, the home field of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, with a seating arrangement of 65,675. The stadium began to operate on October 24, 1971.

Opening of the Stadium

As per original plan, Texas Stadium was to have a dome, but the stadium was not strong enough to support the weight of the whole roof. Moreover, there were limited public funds available before the roof support edifice could be altered. Resultantly most of the stands were covered with the building material but playing field could not.

Texas Stadium Why Is There a Hole In Texas Stadium

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This non-symmetric pattern, mostly fashioned in European soccer stadiums, provoked D.D. Lewis, Cowboys’ linebacker, to utter his famous witty expression, oft-times interpreted: ‘there is a hole in Texas Stadium, so God can watch His favorite team play’.

The roof of Texas Stadium, whose paint had worn out and looked unpleasant in early 2000s, was repainted around the summer 2006 by the City management, responsible for the affairs of the stadium.

For the first time the famous roof was repainted since the Stadium opened. Most interesting fact is that the roof of Texas Stadium is not bound with the walls of the stadium under it.

Architectural explanation of the hole

Apart from the old pun, ‘there is a hole on the roof of the stadium so that God can see while his football team plays’, the architectural cause behind this gigantic architectural structure was to make fans, of the games being played in the stadium, experience an open-air environment while sitting inside at the same time — the colossal structure serves both architectural purposes simultaneously.

People who were used to watch live games could experience and enjoy watching games like they did outdoors. At the same time extreme weather conditions would not affect / distract their amusement.

Important events associated with the stadium:

The Major League Lacrosse hosted a professional lacrosse game in Texas Stadium on May 25, 2008, when the Long Island Lizards was competing against the Philadelphia Barrage. In 2008, the Celina Bobcats played the final high school football game here for the state championship against the Carthage Bulldogs.

After the expiry of the Dallas Cowboys’ lease period, they will be playing now at new Cowboys Stadium in the City of Arlington, Texas. The new venue has been deliberately selected with a hole in the roof, in commemoration of the old Texas Stadium. The Texas Department of Transportation has sanctioned the lease of the said place for USD: 15.4 millions for a period of 10 years.

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