Why is the Sky Blue?

The color of sky appears blue on a clear day because the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen present in the atmosphere separate the white light of the sun into its many colors scattering them throughout the atmosphere.

The wavelength of the blue light has the ability to scatter better than the rest and it predominates over the other colors in the light spectrum making the sky appear blue to us.

The scientific name for this phenomenon is called the Tyndall effect and it is more commonly known as Rayleigh scattering.

Sky Why is the Sky Blue?

This phenomenon explains about the way in which light physically scatters when it passes through the particles the earth’s atmosphere that are 1/10th in diameter of the color of the light. The spectrum of light ranges in wavelength from red to violet and since the of blue light passes through the particles with more ease than the wavelength of the light of other colors, the color of sky appears blue to the naked eye.

There are three types of light receptors in human eye known as cones which are located in the retina. The cones are considered to be red, green or blue based upon their strong response to the light at these wavelengths. When the receptors are stimulated by light, the signals are translated by human vision into the colors that are seen.

The red cones respond to the small amounts of scattered red lights while gazing at the sky and even less strongly to the yellow and orange wavelengths. The green cones respond to yellow but their response to the scattered green and green-blue wavelengths is stronger. The colors that are ultimately near the strongly scattered blue wavelengths stimulate the blue receptors.

To describe the whole process shortly, the skylight has the ability to equally stimulate the green and red cones while at the same time stimulating the blue cones more strongly. This is the reason that our vision adjusts clearly as possible to separate the colors.

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