Why Is Sociology Important

Sociology constitutes the study of social fabric. Modern research and development has raised the status of this discipline to social science. The terms “Sociology” and “Social Science” are some what synonymous. As a social science it entails different approaches of empirical inquiry and in depth analysis to synthesize a certain measure of knowledge and speculation about human social liaisons, oft-times with the objective of application of such knowledge to the service of mankind — indeed a superior end.

The subject matter of this vivacious discipline touches everything from the micro to macro levels of interactions and social transactions. Sociology has displayed its utility in a number of ways; some of the important ones are discussed below: -

Sociology Why Is Sociology Important

1. Tracing Social Problems.

A problem may arise anywhere there is human interaction. A professional sociologist is responsible to locate the problem. He can invite the attention of the masses toward a certain social problem. He can also demarcate different levels of severity for a social problem.

2. Employing Scientific Approach to Analyze the Issue.

A sociologist studies the problem using scientific analysis and tries to interpret the results of scientific inquiry in the light of his social knowledge.

3. Panacea.

Once the issue is thoroughly probed into using scientific method, its solution can be worked out through the application of Cause and Effect technique. After taking an appraisal of social causes and effects of the treatment being dispensed, the remedial measures are suggested.

4. Social Reconstruction.

Every society tends to uplift its economic and political plight. The process which is inherently natural can be augmented by the application of social reconstruction factor.

5. Comparative study of Societies.

Every society has a unique placement in a culture which recursively has its placement on a certain point of the Time Line of a certain civilization. The comparative study of societies helps in sharing of mutual agenda of progress and development. This will sometimes help in framing international laws governing international relations. The study becomes significant especially in the present wave of increased globalization.

The scope of social scientific methods has greatly expanded. The linguistic and anthropological study of the 20th century has led to enhancing interpretative and philosophic approaches to the analysis and perception of society. Moreover, the very recent decades have witnessed the emergence of new approaches that are based on mathematical and computational techniques, such as social network analysis.

It can be concluded from the above discussion that sociologists study a society or a culture with the help of existing knowledge and they reach at conclusions befitting for the target society. The books so published by them in the process keep track of the mechanics of different cultures — they are a means of preserving cultures!

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