Why Is Mardi Gras Celebrated

Mardi gras is liked and celebrated by huge number of people with joy and happiness. Now, question is why do people like and rejoice Mardi Gras? As you go through the next sections, you will come across a number of diverse concerns about this fact. Let us carry on.

Fat Tuesday:

Another interesting fact about this festival is that it is called as fat Tuesday as well. The reason behind this name is because it comes before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday reveals the beginning of Lent. So, it would not be wrong to say that carnival seems to be the final chance for the people to have fun with as soon they will have to get back to the usual prayers and meditations. It means that people really like it though it seems party everywhere but actually it is not. There are prayers waiting to come up soon. At carnival, not just people but churches are also making it fun the whole day. It certainly looks like celebrating religious events but authorities are not agree to take carnival like a religious activity at all.

Mardi Gras Celebrated Why Is Mardi Gras Celebrated

Best Mean to Promote Tourism:

Do you think it is just a ceremony on people level? Does not it offer any kind of other benefit to the region or the government? Well, actually condition is slightly different. You know how it is different? Well, people come from diverse regions to make fun at this festival so it certainly brings healthy impacts on area’s tourism. For instance, carnival offers best gains at diverse locations such as New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. These are some of the reason for which people love to make fun and celebrate this day with huge delight and enjoyment. An unlimited number of parties and ceremonies are arranged and organized at this particular festival which truly develops tourism to a great extent. Tourism industry receives boosts which eventually offer benefits to the government to make more money to initiate and carry on funding large development plans and projects.

People don’t just celebrate but Make Money as well:

It is advantageous to celebrate this festival along with full happiness and joys. It is a best source for thousands of people who make money with selling different kinds of gifts and small attractive presents. What does it mean? It means that this ceremony is a way of bringing pleasure and prosperity in the life of thousands of people. If it is stopped to celebrate this carnival, it will affect thousands of people who make huge earnings at this particular event.

After getting so many plus points for making fun at carnival, it reveals the importance of this carnival and why do people celebrate it? As said above, this gives several promotions to the tourism industry which is not beneficial for just the people but it brings unlimited gains on official level as well. So, all these motives clarify who do people celebrate carnival?

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