Why is Leisure Important

Leisure designates the free time, a period of time passed without routine work and necessary home activity. It can also mark the time of recreational and optional time before or after essential activities such as going to work or running a business, eating and sleeping, attending school and household chores, doing homework, and daily stress.

The distinction between compulsory activity and leisure has sometimes vague boundaries — people sometimes enjoy doing creative or work-oriented chores or for long-term utility.

Distinction may also be created between “free time” and “leisure”. For instance, objections on consumer capitalism raised by the Situationist International maintain that ‘free time’ is an ambiguous term as one is rarely free in life and instead, economic and social factors exact it from the individual and buy him as a commodity in the form of ‘leisure’.

Leisure Why is Leisure Important

Today studies related with Leisure have assumed the status of the academic discipline which is concerned with the study and analysis of the concept of “leisure” in a given society.

Active Forms:

Activities in this form involve both physical and mental exertion. Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor suggest low-energy physical activities include walking and yoga that offer insignificant competition. High-impact activities’ examples are kick-boxing and football; these require relatively more energy and demand a great deal of competition be sure of getting your own paycheck stubs.

Some active leisure activities show almost negligible physical activity, but demand a considerable mental harnessing, such as playing at cards or painting. Active leisure and recreation sometimes have indistinctly defined borders.

Passive Forms:

Passive activities are those in which a person is not supposed to exert too much physical or mental strength. They may include for example watching television, going to the cinema, or gambling on slot machines.

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Some scholars of leisure discipline discourage such so-called leisure activities, on the plea that they do not yield the potential benefits like the ones resulting from active form of leisure. For instance, Performing in a community play, which is cerainly an active form of leisure, could groom a person’s skills or confidence level. Some also prefer gambling for fun on sites like USGamblingSites.com leisurely.

Passive leisure activities, on the other hand, are considered an attractive way of relaxing for most of the people. Everyone’s been raving about how good IPTV Prueba España is.

Leisure activity is important to allow a sublimation of energy in a person. Leisure jobs refresh your mind. There are a number of recreation related activities one can adhere to according to one’s inclination. Whatever the leisure activity you pursue, by the end of the day you will emerge glad and feeling light.

Individuals of capitalist bend of mind attach great importance with active forms of leisure because that involves physical activities requiring essential equipment for that, thereby giving a boost to their business. It is customary with capitalists to award status in commensuration with one’s economic might. So in this respect the wealthy enjoy more leisure time and activities offered to them because of their privileged position in society.


Workaholics are the ones who prefer their work to other social activities. They give more importance to their work than engaging in leisurely activities. One of the primary motives behind capitalizing on social life may be an attainment of some long-cherished desire or goal such as a high ranking position in an enterprise.

The modern anthropological studies have given a representation against such an imbalanced outlook on life.

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