Why Is Iron Good For Our Body?

Iron is an essential mineral which is needed in a small quantity by our body. If there is not a required amount of iron present in our body then it can lead to certain diseases that can be cured by doctor’s medication and other iron supplements.

The amount of iron in a normal adult man is 4.5 gm but it varies from people to people according to their age, sex, health conditions and nutrition.

iron Why Is Iron Good For Our Body?

Iron’s most important and primary function is carrying oxygen from one part to another part of the body. The proteins in our food that contains iron content takes the oxygen from the lungs to the different parts of body, no tissue can survive without it. It is extremely important component for hemoglobin of red blood cells and also Myglobin in the body muscles. Nearly 60-70 percent of iron in our body is hemoglobin and 3% is Myoglobin. Iron is also used for the certain oxidation-reduction reactions in human body which further produces energy. Iron’s other functions is cognitive development, work performance and temperature regulation. Approximately 90% of iron which is stored in the body is reused every day. It is stored in kidney, spleen, liver and bone marrow in the form of hemosiderin, ferritin and siderphilin. The remaining is excreted.

More iron is stored in men as compared to women and loss of blood means the loss of iron. This is the reason why women of childbearing age are generally found to be deficient if iron. This results in anemia which makes a person feel tired or sluggish all the time and the tendency of fighting infections decreases. We should have healthy diet to cover the other 10% requirement in order to have proper balance of iron in the body. More iron should be consumed by women as compared to men. According to the U.S Recommended Daily Allowance, the iron requirement for women is 15mg whereas for men is 10mg. For those who want to ensure that they intake their daily nutrient requirement, they can try to experience personalized nutrition.

The vitamin C in the body helps the body in absorbing more iron. This is the reason that taking fruits with Vitamin C along with iron diet increases the absorption of iron. other intestinal parasites like hookworm and excess of calcium decreases the body’s ability for absorbing proper iron. e

Foods that are rich in iron are cereals, beans, legumes, fortified seeds, milk and meat as well.

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