Why Is Independence Day Celebrated On July 4th

What can be more soothing than of being free and independent? Every country is passionate about the day they got independence. This is the same case with United States on 4th of July when the whole nation rejoices the big day all over the country. This is the day when the nation got relief from sovereign who acquired their liberty once. No doubt, this is the most important and crucial ay not just for the country itself but for its inhabitants as well who can never forget to celebrate the great day.

July 4th Why Is Independence Day Celebrated On July 4th

Why do people make joyous on the Fourth of July?

There may be more than a few critical days found in the history of every country when they feel good and which carry good memories among them. Then why do the U.S. citizens and the government as well celebrate their independence on 4th of July? Don’t they have any other day regarding the same concern? If we go through past times then it will become clear to us that it was actually July 4, 1776 when the Continental Congress taken up the United States Declaration of Independence. This was a historical moment for the whole nation when the declared statement revealed the independence of 13 American colonies and they finally got sovereignty from British realm. This is the basic reason for which the whole country is thankful to the great day and day i.e. 4th of July which eventually gave birth to the current United States of America.

How citizens of United States make fun at 4th of July?

Which kind of celebrations can be made at an independence day? Well, different people have distinct ways of making fun and enjoyment and they like numerous activities at this wonderful and exceptional day. 4th of July is a big day for whole nation and for all citizens of United States and they love to make fun at this day. The day reminds the historical tough time too which was simply unforgettable. People decorate the streets and homes and the whole country looks like a newly developed palace. At the same time, festival is celebrated with lots of bright parade in the morning hours and carnivals in the afternoon. And it is not all as you will see numerous fireworks displays there in the evening hours. High levels of ceremonies are managed on government basis where several officials put forward their passion through zealous speeches. Not just government officials but every person is rejoicing and making it fun the whole day in his interested patriotic activities.

Different kinds of patriotic songs and ballads certainly become the part of this great event. People love to hear these songs which let them enjoy more and which offer them patriotic and passionate feelings. There are many inspirational songs which are famous for this particular day. For instance, This Land Is Your Land and Yankee Doodle are some of these well known nationalistic songs.

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