Why Is Government Necessary

Life is full of independence and freedom and all of us like to be free and independent. However, it does not mean that we don’t have any rule or regulation to follow or there is not any kind of authority which defines our responsibilities in the society. Government plays a most crucial and significant role in our region and in our life as well which don’t just define our roles but which offers us shelter and various opportunities of life as well. So, all these things force us to think that a government is very necessary for a nation to carry on developing and becoming prosperous.

Government Necessary Why Is Government Necessary

Why it is important to have a Government in a county?

As you read above, all of us love to be free and we enjoy our independence well. Now, a question arises in the mind whether we need a government or not? Can we carry on developing and building our lives without any government? Is there any kind of threat or problem without a government? Well, every wise and intellectual person knows the importance of a government. First of all, we need government for the safety of our own lives. The basic and common cause for developing a government is that it protects its citizens. Sometimes, citizens need to offer their private or confidential data. And they do it as well. However, it is not necessary to offer these facts every time. However, you have to be very careful while giving your private information to any authority you have to be carful at managing your online payment. Nowadays, you may have heard about frauds and threats which take place because of people innocence that they provide their information without nay inspection. And at last, they don’t just lose their confidential but they face many problems in case of unintentionally involving in crime activities. What did you learn from this story? Well, it specifies that some sort of government is essential for your security as well as for the security of your confidential.

To remain Safe from Abuse of Power:

It is not too difficult to see any kind of cruelty of misjudgment in our society. Not just poor families but even rich are facing issues as well. You can’t say what will come ahead in your life. And obviously, none of us would ever like to see such kinds of abuses in the society as well. Now, how can you stop these activities to take place and how you can protect yourself from these misshapen? Again, you can feel the presence of a government in a country. Of course, a government is there to take care of all these issues well so; every person may live a lively life without any kind of threat or abuse to occur. All these facts specify the significant presence of even a slight government in a region. For the same reason, government is necessary for the business to grow well. Government usually takes a part in many business relations so, profits can easily be made with the help and presence of a government.

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