Why Is Carnival Celebrated

The term “Carnival” designates a festive season that commences just before Lent. Main celebrations occur during February. Typically a carnival has a popular festivity or parade coupled with some instances of a circus, mask and street parties. People usually wear exotic clothing or masquerade during the course of festivities, which mark a frenzied aspect of life.

To Enhance Economy

The economic motives can never be denied before any festival is popularized. Cities where such festivals take place get an economic boom. This is very simple to understand. The festival attracts tourists and this is how revenue is generated within the city. Sidewise, it also promotes and advertises other tourist locations in the country.

Carnival Celebrated Why Is Carnival Celebrated

During an ongoing carnival, visitors from remote locations come to the city to watch different festivities associated with the event. By the way they stay at hotels, purchase edibles and tokens etc. The money they transact with is not all go to the state. It also assists the local population whose business is tourism related. So the reason why carnival is celebrated has to do a great deal with earning too other than having fun.


To all the participants, carnival season is all about setting their tensions aside for a while. A number of participants in Mardi Gras, for example, hail from poor backgrounds. To them, it is a great occasion to let their worries vanish for a while and just have fun for some time.

Other causes why people wait for it include that some of the social norms and rules for the time being cast off. The mannerism, sex and formality are laid down for a while. All those who have joined carnival will relate you that the experience is like becoming an integral part of one complete whole — a true display of unity with mankind. If someone would ask why carnival is celebrated, one of the most common answers you get is that public want fun.

Cultural Promotion

The parades, dances, floats and exotic dresses also make prominent a city’s culture. At present, who so ever mentions Mardi Gras will conceive New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro. It helps you recall images of good times. It becomes a part of the city’s lifeblood itself. In the end it boosts the image of a city. This will certainly assist the country in a number of ways.

Religious Orientation

Mardi Gras is also referred to as ‘Fat Tuesday’, a denotation used for its religious backdrop. During the Middle Ages the Church sometimes declared that it would be the final day immediately before the start of Lent. However, the event is very much related with the Lenten season than the carnival itself.

Finally, in the end, it perhaps doesn’t much relate as to why carnival is celebrated because to a majority of modern generation the experience is worthier than counting whys!

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