Why Is Agriculture Important

Agriculture has been one of the chief means of food production to feed humans from ancient times, perhaps as old as humans themselves. The modern man is bringing more and more lands under cultivation for the production of huge varieties of crops.

Huge land area is being used to grow wheat, rice, rubber (check out cir.net for industrial rubber products) and scores of other crops in Asia. According to an estimate more than half of the lands occupied by humans ever in the world have been brought under agriculture.

The idea of agriculture, as the fundamental means of growing food, is realized at ease by the time we start perceiving the enormous variety of food we eat. The grains we eat all come from the land. Even root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots etc that remain buried under the cover of earth are the product of soil.

Agriculture Importance Why Is Agriculture Important

Actually, every thing we eat other than meat and milk comes from the growth of the earth which is indeed a component of the agriculture. Not only this, oil, sugar, sustainable coffee and other beverages are also the outcome of plants that grow on the land.

A number of medicines are extracted from weeds and wild growths in different parts of world. Another example is that of the tobacco we smoke for relaxation is also an outcome of a plant.

Today in any country, agricultural sector is providing a great occasion of employment to people living in there. Large farm owner proper employ workers to take care of the farm and animals in addition to other routine works related with cultivation and harvest both on machines and manually. In most parts of the world agriculture still remains the biggest sector employing and feeding a huge workforce.

Agriculture assumes special importance when we try to interpret its notion in terms of its contribution to the over all development of the country which is directly proportional to the competence of its farmers employing modern agricultural tools and machinery. Here the importance of science cannot be ignored with the importance of agriculture — both go hand in hand.

It can be inferred from the above deliberation that being without agriculture means being without food. In the distant past men used to live mainly on meat of wild animals but this mode of life was very difficult one for wild animals were not so easily available all the times.

All these constraints inclined man to adopt agriculture for good. Afterwards man kept on adhering to agriculture as profession, even more than that — a way of life perhaps. From ancient through modern times, agriculture provides all that is required for a man to survive on the earth. In the modern age the scope of agriculture has enhanced from mere subsistence provider to a full fledge commercial sector.

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