Why Is a Modem Needed

Modem means modulator and demodulator. It is a device that you use to transmit and receive data via some electronic communication medium. Now this medium can be a cable, telephone line or an optic fiber. Modems are classified on the basis of the data (bits per second) they transfer in a given time or on the basis of Baud, the number of times the modem changes its signal state per second.

Merits of using a Modem:

Following may be the likely reasons as to why a modem is needed:

  • A converter is required to transfer the data to the analog system of the telephone. With the invention of a modem today we have also been able to convert digital data to analog mode also through a process known as demodulation. Other such processes that a modem performs include detection of errors, error corrections, compressing data and encryption.

Modem Why Is a Modem Needed

  • A modem is also used to connect a home or office PC with the local area network. The invention of modem has made such connection very inexpensive today than in the past. The modem driven on-line network arrangement has facilitated us to hold faster communication, such as one seen in a hospital where the patients and the medical staff would have now quick access on the health records.
  • Similarly, in an entertainment industry, it will provide you with cystal clear pictures and good sound quality just like in HDTV.
  • The modern modem ensures rapid transfer of high quality data. Used in huge corporates, high speed modems have resolved the issue of time delays. This is indeed a real-time customer support. Many people may require a faster connection even in domestic setting such as one is going to have audio video chat or net conference.
  • The utility of an internet based modem assumes a great deal of significance by the time we begin conceiving the access of professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers and government officials to remote places one can not visit frequently. In this respect an online contact with the concerned people there has been made possible by the application of the computer modem.
  • Today, modems are playing an efficient role in boosting GDP of a country. It is affecting nearly every sector of a country’s economy. A range of business ventures are going on-line. A hugely imperative example that can be quoted here is that of stock-exchange. All other economic indicators are some how being updated by using modem in remoter corners of this global village.

Modems are the primary pre-requisite for an internet connection to begin working with. It is with the blessings of a modem that you are not only able to have a quick access to the huge dimensions of working knowledge on net but an immediate contact with the exotic world out there.

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