Why Is Gold So Expensive

A person who is on a constant search to get hold of anyone who can assure him a corporate future is a gold-digger. Even when there is no love involved, the love for opportunities seems the main driver for them.

Generally, people are attracted towards anything which has value. Money makes the world move. Money is a source of power and status. It is not just money but diamonds as well. It can also be bronze or silver and not to forget, it is of course gold. For gold and silver exchange options visit Alliance Gold and Silver Exchange.

gold Why Is Gold So Expensive

These products are traded physically throughout the world. Most are traded in the financial markets. Some of them over-the-counter but others are listed by exchanges. One of them is DGCX and lists silver and gold futures.

32 troy ounces is the primary value of gold which equals to one kilogram. This has to be delivered at the end of the last day of trading. But the question is if one is allowed to deliver any quality of gold.

Certainly not, it is unfortunate for those who have to deliver lucky for those who who want to buy. The gold of 0,995 purity or fineness is being discussed. Since gold exists in many qualities, this measure has to be taken into account.

Different qualities

Few kinds of metal are only found to be shining and pure during the digging process. Nuggets of gold are sometimes found. In Victoria – Australia, a huge nugget of 6,992 kilos was found in 1869. Miners in Michigan – USA found a block of pure copper of 500 tons in 1856. It is definitely fabulous.

There are other types of metals which are usually tamely disguised and constitute together with oxygen, carbon, sulfur and other elements. Ores that cannot be easily separated from the grit & stones are also found during the digging process.

The first step for extracting pure metal is to get rid of the additional grit and stones. Each material has a requirement for its own logistics. There is one method which was discovered by the wife of a led-digger. She observed while washing her husband’s clothes that the led-particles had stuck to the soap-suds.

Companies using led and copper mines mix the ores these days with a chemical medium and light foaming liquid that makes sure that the right minerals stick to the surface of bubbles while the rest gets wet and heavy finally sinking. The valuable material including the foam is separated from the rest and dried up.

Heat is used for separating the metal from the ores. People discovered a few millennium ago that metal could be separated in a coal fire and use the melted liquid for making ornaments or weapons.

Early refining

During the Middle Ages, the English had also discovered the way to make nuggets and a stream of liquid metal that could be lead to a casting-mold.

Gold is extracted along with chemical means. River beds like small grains are the places where it can be found. The gold mines from where the smacked gold ores are found are mixed with a potassium-cyanide solution for dissolving the gold. This solution containing gold is disposed of everything else after which the gold precipitates. Gold ores of nearly a ton finally results in 10 grams of pure gold.

A person can wonder for many years why one troy ounce of gold is very high as around $637 nowadays. This is the reason!

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