Why Face the East In Prayer

Facing east is an ancient tradition. Even it is widespread but still there are many wrong believes about this tradition which must be understood.

Practice of praying:

The practice of praying while facing the east is not only an old norm, but it is followed there in more than one religion. Various religions obey this custom of praying while facing the east and since the religions are scattered all over the world, this habit can easily be found in all parts of the world. However, though the practice may be similar, the reasons for which they pray while facing the east, often differ from one religion to another. Moreover, if you need other religious items like rosary beads, you might want to visit House of Joppa and check various religious merchandise on sale.

Prayer Why Face the East In Prayer

The Tradition in Judaism:

Many religions pray in east direction. For instance, Jews pray to the east as well. There is nothing that says this is so. Jews are asked to do is to face the direction of where the temple once stood in Jerusalem. This temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD70 following the Jewish rebellion.

After that era, most of the Jews have gone to Europe. The location seemed to be significant when they prayed towards the temple, they had to face the east. After that, this notion to pray while keeping the face towards east developed.

But for those living in Turkey and near it, they must look west to face the temple. So while it is true that a lot of Jews in Europe orient their prayers to the east, it has nothing to do with the prayer itself.

The Tradition in Islam:

Muslims face towards Mecca which is found in Saudi Arabia and is the most sacred place for all Muslims. Prophet Mohammed was directed to leave Mecca in 622 because of persecution from his enemies. However, Islam spread rapidly in these years. In 630,Mohammed was able to return to Mecca triumphantly.

That is where the tradition of facing the east in prayer originated among Muslims. From that day to the present, Muslims are following the same path and they keep their face towards east while making prayers.

There are diverse motives for facing the east in prayer. Some religions are still acting upon the previous religious norms and some have gone away to follow it again..


The Tradition in Christianity:

There are many regions which follow the same direction for prayer. No one knows the reason to follow this direction. It may be taken from the Jewish practice.

Even Church is not sure about this practice beginning. In fact there are those who argue that this is not necessary at all. They point out that since God is present everywhere, it does not make a difference which direction you are praying. Still, the notion of facing the east in prayer has remained in the minds of people.

Eastern Churches:

The discussion specifies that Christ is a bit similar to the Sun. For instance, The Garden of Eden was developed in the east side too. While praying in this direction, man reveals his desire to return to God.

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