Why Dogs Lick on Feet?

Almost all the dogs lick human feet, perhaps to display a gesture of their affection for the owner. Licking feet is a unique trait of dogs which they dispense at times when in need of assurance of their allegiance to the owner and in turn they need human response, often characterized by a sort of patting or caressing across the mane.

Hey! Be careful; if you repel or kick him back, next times you will find him try it even harder to lick you. HE WANTS YOUR APPROVAL! The only way out for you is to wear socks or shoes, or allow his advances. By description, he is a loyal being of a very high order. If you or a loved one have suffered dog bite injuries, Michigan attorneys possess the experience to help the victim of a dog bite with a dog attack case.

Dog Licking Foot Why Dogs Lick on Feet?

There are rich contents of sodium chloride and other salts in human perspiration. After perspiration, when water evaporates, thin deposits of salt layers are trapped by the skin. Salts when dissolved in water are taken in; they prevent body of an organism from dehydration. This is what a dog would need. Accordingly, this is also a key biochemical factor that dog attaches importance with foot licking.

Sometimes, dogs are deliberately trained by the master such that they get something they need to eat when they lick feet and they instinctively behave this way. Many a times you won’t want your dog lick you on and on. In that case it seems somewhat difficult to resist him for he staunchly believes that you enjoy licking too! In the main, licking is the final degree of affection with which your pet can bestow you with, whether you regard or not.

When we talk about the act of ‘licking’, we are referring to HUMAN feet; however, if the animal does it to its own legs, it may a sign of disease, because by instinct he is not tuned to lick himself. Experience has revealed that if the dog licks at a certain point on any of his legs, it is a sign that he is suffering from some bruise or injury. Veterinary expert must be contacted to prevent aggravation or any further spread of disease. And if you have more questions about dogs, specifically chihuahuas, you can visit iLoveChihuahua.dog.

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