Why Does Stretching Feel Good?

If one does not have enough time to go for a massage, the back can be stretched to make it pop and rattle. One of them will make the body feel good that comes with a smile on the face. Stretching is not for elders and athletes but cats and dogs also do it and they love doing it.

Reasons why stretching makes one feel good

The extent to which one stretches is a matter of endurance which can be with or without masseuse. One always gets a feeling of satisfaction. Here are the reasons:

Women Stretching Why Does Stretching Feel Good?

1- Increased blood flow: When one stretches, the muscles and ligaments are not only straightened out but the blood vessels are stretched too. This is the reason why it results in easy blood circulation. When a person is bust, he does not realize most of the times that the muscles squeeze the veins. Stretching tenses the muscles that’s why they free the squeezed blood and it goes to the lungs and heart. They change places with the oxygenated blood that makes the person breathe in a better way.

2- Heart and lungs can work well: When the arms are spread and stretched, the body opens out the chest activity making the heart working doubly well. This regulates the blood flow in the body up to the brain already with oxygenated blood. The expanded chest makes the lungs and heart pump more freely resulting in a more freely oxygenated blood getting in to the bloodstream. It can be observed that people sleep in different positions that are ‘blood-choking’ which discourage the circulation of blood flow. When the person wakes up the next day and stretches, the blood resumes to normal giving a good feeling.

Other benefits of stretching

The over-all mood changing effects of body and muscle stretching can’t be denied. A person can do wonders when he is in a happy mood and the world appears in rosy colors. In this state of mind, any kind of disease related to mind or body is not even a minor possibility. Stretching helps other than that.

1- Relaxation of tired and tense muscles: Stretching eases the pressure ligaments and bones on the muscles.

2- Balances the coordination of the body: When the muscles are well-oiled, the body becomes agile and flexible.

3- Helps in avoiding muscle injury: Stretching puts the muscles in their place so there is no there will be any muscle pull-up, injuries or haywire.

Tips in stretching

A beginner should not go into more challenging stretching positions quickly. However the beginner will do well within his means. Like all other forms of exercises, stretching requires beginning with the basics.

1- Drink plenty of water: When the muscles are well hydrated, they can be stretched easily and the body can be moved around very easily.

2- Stretch regularly: The muscles benefit from constant easy pressures exerted on it by stretching.

3- Don’t compete with others: When a person is starting to stretch, he should not compete with others rather he should stretch at his own leisure and listen to his muscles and bones. They will tell if the body has reached its threshold.

4- When you feel like stretching, do it: Frequent positive stress on the muscles makes them working really well. They crave for it when one has made stretching a part of a morning ritual.

If a person can stretch both his body and mind, that would be ideal for all intents and purposes.

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